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Reclaimed Wood Planks





Rewoodd is a unique company that specializes in both manufacturing and reclamation. Our vertical integration allows us to produce top-quality wood panels through impeccable craftsmanship. We take pride in preserving the natural beauty of majestic redwoods while creating stunning and purposeful product designs that will elevate your project. Our team carefully salvages each piece of wood from the coastal region of our Northern California Manufacturing Facility, effectively reducing our carbon footprint.



Each board is unique and tells it's own story. After all we've done to repurpose it, it is now time for you to write the next chapter.

BUYER BEWARE: Other wood may be soaked in formaldehyde or other cancer-causing chemicals to imitate an antique patina with new wood!

You’re original and genuine, shouldn’t your décor reflect that?

Not sure? Order samples!

Each Rewoodd sample box will include 4 Reclaimed Wood Planks from your choice of Peel & Stick and Tongue & Groove from the following collections:  Naturally Preserved or Bella Colours.  

Design your Space Today!

All of our products are 100%

Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood.




Let Us Help You

With Your Project

Before you begin your project take a tour of our gallery for inspiration or visit our FAQ page.  Still have questions? Send us an email, we're here to help!

Rewoodd reclaims old-growth redwood planks for the most unique and affordable accent walls and projects. All Rewoodd is naturally aged, NOT new wood distressed to look old, so it’s eco-friendly. We offer four different styles of reclaimed redwood to fit your color and style. Timeless & Beautiful, define your space with Rewoodd, It's easy Going Green!  

Peel and Stick Reclaimed Redwood


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