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San Ramon, CA

MON - FRI:  9am - 5pm PDT

  • How do I Calculate Sq Footage?
    Measure Wall Height (feet) x Width (feet). This will give your "Total Square Footage". Measure for any closets, doors, windows, etc and subtract from the total. (add 10% more square footage for any installation cut offs).
  • Do I Need to Acclimate this Product?
    Yes, like with wood flooring please allow Rewoodd to acclimate in the room it is to be installed up to 5 days before installing.
  • Is Peel & Stick permanent ?
    Please be precise in your decision before applying. We use a high quality adhesive classifying installation as permanant.
  • Can I use Rewoodd in the Kitchen or Bathroom?
    Yes! Rewoodd is made of 100% reclaimed redwood. As with any project, please make sure your walls / space are completly dry before installing.
  • Can I use Rewoodd Outside?
    Yes, however we suggest installing our Tongue & Groove product as it is thicker and will withstand the elements. Keep in mind you may see a shift in patina over time from water and sun exposure, this only adds to its natural beauty.
  • Do I Need to Treat the Boards with Anything After Installation?
    No. Our finely milled product has been exposed to the outdoors for many years, its incredibly stable.


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