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Reclaimed Wood Planks



Reclaimed Wood

Is Rewoodd real wood?
Yes, our product is 100% reclaimed Redwood from old structures. We pride ourselves on our zero-waste policy. Every component gets used or properly recycled for reuse such as nails, bolts, straps, brackets, etc.

What is reclaimed redwood?
Reclaimed means that instead of going to the landfill, primarily old growth redwood is sent to our Rewoodd facility in Northern CA where it is sorted & milled to an appropriate width, length, and thickness for easy installation. It is then analyzed for toxic chemicals and inspected against our strict quality standards.

Where does reclaimed Rewoodd come from?
Our planks are reclaimed and re-purposed from old redwood structures, including farmhouses, turn-of-the-century homes, and sheds, etc.

Are there knot holes in Rewoodd wood?
Knots yes, NO holes from missing or loose knots.  We pride ourselves in quality control, each board is inspected multiple times during the milling process.  Unlike our competitors, you will never need to paint your wall or space before you begin your project.

Installing Rewoodd

Can I install Rewoodd myself?
Absolutely! Installation of Rewoodd reclaimed Redwood is a highly rewarding experience! You will be creating an

un-duplicated art piece from your own vision using mother nature's artistry.  Share your creation with us by tagging #Rewoodd or emailing us at You might make our DIY Top Ten! 

What is tongue and groove and when would I use it?
Tongue & Groove is a milling process that allows our product to link together, much like a puzzle piece.  Ideal use is indoor or outdoor, even as siding.  Tongue & Groove can be used to cover small imperfections in walls such as holes or warping because of its thickness and structural integrity.  Unlike Peel & Stick which follows the wall, Tongue & Groove clicks together and has a structural backbone to a create a cleaner more accurate finish that bridges over imperfections.  

What is Peel & Stick and when would I use it?
Peel & Stick is an adhesive based product with 2 strips of high-end 3M tape on the back, simply remove the liner and stick on your wall or space.  Peel & Stick is intended to be used indoors and is perfect for any DIY or professional enthusiast given its ease of install.

Can I flip the plank around? Is it finished on both sides?
Yes! Rewoodd Tongue & Groove planks are freshly planed on the backside and can be used as a reclaimed, non weathered mostly old growth option.  Peel & Stick can be special ordered with the tape adhered to the weathered side exposing the beautiful freshly planed natural side.  Samples available for a small fee, just email us at

Can Rewoodd be installed outdoors?
Tongue & Groove: Yes! Can also be used as fencing or siding on homes.
Peel & Stick: No, we do not recommend installing Peel & Stick planks outside.

What tools do I need to install?
Tongue & Groove: Rewoodd recommends the following: pencil, level, square, compressor, pneumatic pin-nailer (with 1 ¼“ headless pin nails), safety glasses, handsaw, chop saw or compound miter saw (angled cuts) with a high tooth count for finish work, work gloves, and tape measure, marking chalk. If needed, a jigsaw to cut around sockets, light switches, or other fixtures.  Glue can also be used in place of nails.
Peel & Stick: Rewoodd recommends the following: pencil, level, square, safety glasses, handsaw, chop saw or compound miter saw (if needing angled cuts) with a high tooth count for finish work, work gloves, and tape measure, marking chalk.  If needed, a
 jigsaw to cut around sockets, light switches, or other fixtures. 

What is the best way to cut Rewoodd planks?
To keep from getting ragged edges on the face of the product, use a fine (high) tooth count blade and cut the board with reclaimed side facing down. We recommend a fine-tooth powered miter saw, a handsaw is another option. It's recommended that the saw is at full RPMs before proceeding with the cut.

What are Rewoodd plank dimensions?
Tongue & Groove is 3/8" thick with a 5" face and 8"- 48" in length
Peel & Stick is 3/16" thick and is 5" wide ranging from 8"- 48" in length

Does Rewoodd install Rewoodd?
We do professional installs in Northern California (please contact us for a quote) and offer over the phone consultation after purchase with you or your installer. 

Can you hang things from Rewoodd planks?
Yes, however, as with any heavy item, we recommend locating and fastening to a stud through the Rewoodd. 

Can I use Rewoodd for my floor?
We do not recommend our products for flooring.

Can you put Rewoodd on a door?
Yes! Rewoodd can be used for more than just walls.  Doors, Tables, Headboards, and more. If exposed to outdoors, choose our tongue & groove application. 

How do I clean the reclaimed weathered wood?
We suggest using a vacuum with a hose attachment or soft brush to clean.  

Ordering Rewoodd

Where can I buy Rewoodd?
Purchase online direct from Rewoodd here.

What does the shipping cost?
Free shipping within the continental USA.

How can I order a sample?

Order your samples here

What does Rewoodd cost per square foot?
Tongue & Groove : $11.45/Sq Ft

Peel & Stick : $11.45/Sq Ft. 

Order here

What is the warranty on Rewoodd products?  What if I need to return the product?
Please visit our Returns & Exchanges Page here

How can I contact Rewoodd?
Click here to contact us.

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