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Reclaimed Wood Planks


How To

Calculate Your Square Footage 



Width (feet) x Height (feet) =

Total Sq Footage

Measure for any closets, doors, windows, etc and subtract from total.  


Add 10% more sq footage for any installation cutoffs.


1 Box of Rewoodd = 20 Sq Ft.



Both Products: Pencil, Level, Marking Chalk, Tape Measure, Safety Glasses, Safety Mask, Gloves, Chop Saw, Handsaw with higher tooth count, Saw.

Tongue & Groove: Rubber Mallet, Pin Nailer or Finish Nailer 3/4”Headless Pin.


Allow your wood to acclimate in the room that is to be installed for up to 5 days. Wipe down walls or space. Ensure  it is dry and clean of all contaminants.



Vision: Lay boards out on the floor while staggering seems. Switch boards to your personal taste. Vary boards by Seams, Color & Texture.


Mark your wall with a level every 2 feet to ensure boards are installed straight. Begin at the top left of your space.


For T&G: Use glue and or pin nails to adhere to your space. For P&S: Simply remove the tape and attach.


After each board is installed use your roller to ensure boards are securely attached to your space. For T&G: Use a rubber mallet to help lock in each board.

Rewoodd Peel & Stick Installation